Ocapi Facilitator's Guide Facilitator's Guide

A step by step guide for effective use of Ocapi, including facilitation tips and discussion materials.

STEP1 What is Ocapi?
STEP2 Output the Report
STEP3 Discuss the Report
STEP4 Follow-up Meeting
STEP5 Ocapi Process for the Second Time and Then On

1. Introduction

Hi! Welcome to Ocapi Facilitator's Guide!
In this guide, I'll introduce each step and tips to help you hold a successful Ocapi discussion with your team.

Ocapi is a web-based service designed to empower teams to continuously improve themselves. Ocapi provides a report visualizing the current condition of your team. By having discussions using the report, you can find actions to make your team better.

For an effective discussion, the facilitator should understand the meeting procedure and prepare him/herself beforehand.
Don't worry about your facilitation skills. Go through this guide and you're good to go! Let's start by getting familiar with Ocapi.

2. Get Familiar with Ocapi

First take a look at these slides; Ocapi at a Glance. You can learn about Ocapi in just two minutes!

Ocapi at a Glance

slide Click Here

Points to Remember

Ocapi supports the team's self-effort to change toward its desirable state. Change driven by command and control will not last long, for it is caused only as a result of passive actions.

Ocapi aims to develop the team's ability to continuously evolve itself. That is why Ocapi does not provide detailed statistical analysis or quick-and-easy solutions based on comparison with other teams or standards. Instead, the report works as a trigger to help members start thinking about the team's condition. Only by sharing each member's various perceptions of the reality, the team can grow its ability to change itself continuously.

3. Review the Steps

Are you getting a better idea of what Ocapi is like?
Let's review the process of Ocapi once again.

Steps to use Ocapi

You'll start to see changes in about 6 to 12 months after your discussion. Now, do you think you can't wait that long?

Meaningful change that truly lasts doesn't happen overnight.
The team's ability to continuously improve itself develops over time. The key is to start from small steps and continue the effort.

4. Create an Account

The first step of Ocapi is creating your account.
Creating an account only takes three minutes. It's completely free until you create a questionnaire.

Respondents do NOT need an Ocapi account; only the facilitator/administrator needs one.

Once you create your own account, you can start using Ocapi with your team.

Next is creating a questionnaire, responding, and outputting a report.

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