Ocapi Facilitator's Guide Facilitator's Guide

A step by step guide for effective use of Ocapi, including facilitation tips and discussion materials.

STEP1 What is Ocapi?
STEP2 Output the Report
STEP3 Discuss the Report
STEP4 Follow-up Meeting
STEP5 Ocapi Process for the Second Time and Then On

1. Schedule a Meeting

Before creating a questionnaire, have you decided the date for the Ocapi discussion?
Ocapi works as a platform where a team can nurture its ability to have effective discussions and continuously improve itself. In other words, without a discussion you can't make full use of Ocapi. Before you output the report, make sure to schedule your meeting!

For a Fruitful Discussion

Try to set aside about two hours for the discussion.
Anybody could be the facilitator. S/he will get a better understanding of the team's change effort by taking on this role. Select somebody who can take full advantage of this opportunity for him/herself and the team. Make sure you share this page with him/her.
Meeting Room
Choose a comfortable room that would encourage an open discussion. It is recommended to set the chairs in a circle with no table or with a round table. Try to avoid classroom-setting.

"Ocapi at a Glance" slides will come in handy when you explain the purpose of the meeting to your members.
You can also provide the link to the Ocapi website(https://ocapi.jp/

Ocapi at a Glance


2. Create a Questionnaire

Once you set the schedule for the discussion, it's time to prepare for the assessment!
Let's login to your Ocapi account to create a questionnaire.

Screen Shot

You can follow the instruction on the screen to set the Organization Name, Number of Respondents, and Response Deadline.
The ideal size of the organization is the "smallest unit you work with" or the "group which you can take action as a team". It should be at least three people, preferably 10 to 20, and maximum 30.

How to Send the Link for the Questionnaire

If you have a list of e-mail addresses for all participants...
Check the ""Send e-mails automatically to respondents"". Invitations and reminders including the personal link for each respondent will be sent automatically.
If you do not have everybody's e-mail address, or if you prefer setting a single link for everybody...
Keep the "Send e-mails automatically to respondents" unchecked. A single link for the questionnaire will be generated. You need to share this link to the respondents on your own."

3. Payment

Complete the payment to save the assessment. The fee is calculated by the number of respondents.

Screen Shot

Payment Method

500JPY per respondents, 30,000JPY per attribute for Optional Report Function will be charged to save the assessment.

Use a credit card to complete the payment through PayPal. For more details on payment, check the Price page.

4. Invitation to Participate

Now, let's invite your members to respond to the questionnaire.
They can respond on their computers or mobile devices.

Screen Shot

5. Output the Report

Have all your members finished responding? Then, outputting the report is your next step.

Don't share the report with your members yet.
Before that, we'll prepare for the discussion.

Make sure to read through Step 3 at least a couple of days before the discussion.