Ocapi Facilitator's Guide Facilitator's Guide

A step by step guide for effective use of Ocapi, including facilitation tips and discussion materials.

STEP1 What is Ocapi?
STEP2 Output the Report
STEP3 Discuss the Report
STEP4 Follow-up Meeting
STEP5 Ocapi Process for the Second Time and Then On

1. Read through the Guide for Discussion Carefully

Let's start preparing for the discussion.

Download the Guide for Discussion (PDF) from the link below. Read the guide carefully to understand the steps, procedures, and points for a fruitful discussion. The guide also includes tips to interpret the report and to create a comfortable space.
There's no need to memorize the whole guide. The Slides for Discussion largely supports the process of he discussion.

Facilitation has a large impact on the quality of the discussion. Make adjustments so that the discussion fits better with the situation of your team.


Guide for Discussion

Points to Remember

  • In the very first discussion, members may need help on what to comment or how to read the report. It helps if the facilitator reads the guide beforehand and knows what to expect from the discussion.
  • It's critical to make sure nobody draws a conclusion on his/her own, or blames somebody as the cause for the problems.Ocapi works best when people can voice their ideas and opinions regardless of rank or position.

2. Download the Slides for Discussion

The facilitator will use the slides and the Guide for Discussion during the discussion. The slides guide the discussion and provide tips for each step.

PowerPoint Slides for Discussions

3. Share the Outline of Ocapi

If you haven't shared the outline of Ocapi with your team members yet, please do so before the discussion. It'll help members prepare themselves to start the discussion smoothly. Here are several ways to share the information.

a) Share the Ocapi website(https://ocapi.jp
b) Print and distribute Ocapi at a Glance (download from the link below)

Ocapi at a Glance

4. Ask Participants to Fill in the Pre-discussion Worksheet

The discussion gets much more effective by having each member think about the desirable state of the team beforehand.Ask them to fill in the Pre-discussion Worksheet.

Pre-discussion Worksheet

5. Prepare the Supplies

Prepare the following supplies and equipment:
- Copies of the Ocapi report (for each participant)
- Sticky notes
- Markers
- Projector and Monitor/screen to project the slides
- Guide for Discussion (one copy for the facilitator)
- Pre-discussion Worksheet (ask participants to print and fill in their own copy)

Points to Remember

Don't worry if the discussion is not very active in the beginning.
The very first Ocapi discussion often becomes an opportunity for members to realize that they need to make efforts for the team to improve. It is not rare for members to have no idea, or only a very vague idea of the ideal state or issues the team needs to work on. You will see gradual changes in each individual's mindset by repeating the Ocapi process several times.

Attention!The Ocapi process isn't finished yet.
The final step of Ocapi is the follow-up meeting, which takes place about two weeks after this discussion. Make sure you come back to the Ocapi website after the discussion.

I hope you have a fruitful discussion with your team members!

Steps to use Ocapi