Ocapi Facilitator's Guide Facilitator's Guide

A step by step guide for effective use of Ocapi, including facilitation tips and discussion materials.

STEP1 What is Ocapi?
STEP2 Output the Report
STEP3 Discuss the Report
STEP4 Follow-up Meeting
STEP5 Ocapi Process for the Second Time and Then On

1. Schedule a Follow-up Meeting

Welcome back!
How was your discussion with the Ocapi report?

Let's take a look at how to prepare for the follow-up meeting after the first discussion using the Ocapi report.

Remember, it's much more effective for the team to stay flexible and continuously seek better ways to improve itself,rather than to try to stick to the original plan. Don't get disappointed or discouraged just because the action you and the team decided on didn't go well.

Steps to use Ocapi

The main purpose of the follow-up meeting is to reflect on the discussion using the Ocapi report and to find small improvements you want to nurture. I recommend scheduling this follow-up meeting about two weeks after the discussion. Make sure you hold the follow-up meeting. The completes process of Ocapi finishes after the follow-up meeting.

There's no need to hold a perfect meeting. Look for the best way possible, according to the situation of your team. For
example you can...
- Gather with the whole group again
- Divide the team into smaller groups so that it is easier to schedule the date
- Ask for voluntary participation so that people who are willing can come
(The follow-up meeting should take about 30 minutes)

2. Learn the Meeting Procedure

Let's take a look at the procedure for the follow-up meeting.

Procedure for the Follow-up Meeting

1. Review the previous discussion.
Look at the sticky notes, pictures, or memos from the previous discussion.
2. Share small changes seen in the team, such as changes in each member's mindset and perception, or small positive events suggesting subtle improvements within the team.
Focus on identifying small improvements, rather than looking at failures. There is no need to dwell on the previous action plan that has not been implemented.
3. Exchange ideas on how to nurture the small improvements.
The ideas can be something the team can try as a group or actions individuals can take on their own.

Try to create a comfortable space for everybody, just like the previous discussion.

3. Continuous Efforts

Congratulations! You have completed the first Ocapi process.
I strongly recommend repeating the same process after about three months.

You'll start seeing changes in your team slowly but surely.
Don't get discouraged if some of your efforts don't seem to last long. Change doesn't happen overnight, especially when it comes to change in people's thinking and behavior. Efforts to nurture small improvements turn into people's habit, then eventually lead to a big change. Expect 6 to 12 months until you can actually see the difference.