Guide to Ocapi

This is a guide for those who will try Ocapi for the first time. The first step is to sign up to create your Ocapi account. For further details, please visit our Q&A

Sign Up Here

1. Create an Account

Follow the instruction on the Sign Up page to create your account.

Type in your name, e-mail address, and password.

2. Start a New Assessment

Set the organization name, number of respondents, and response deadline of the assessment.

An e-mail with the link to the Questionnaire Response page for the assessment will be delivered.

If you register each respondent's e-mail address, e-mails with the link to the Questionnaire Response page and reminder e-mails will be sent to respondents automatically. It will be useful if you prepare an Excel or CSV file with the list of respondents. For further information on the Automatically Send E-mails Function, click here.

If you will not use the Automatically Send E-mails Function, the e-mail with the link to the Questionnaire Response page will be sent only to you. You will need to share the link with all respondents.

3. Make a Payment

The account user will pay for each assessment based on the number of respondents (500 JPY/person). The Optional Report Function is available for 30,000 JPY per attribute/group.

Payment can be made through PayPal either by credit card or your PayPal account.

A receipt can be issued in the Payment Transaction page in your Ocapi account.

4. Respond to the Questionnaire

You can respond with a computer, iPhone, or iPad that has Internet access.

Browser requirements are as follows:

— Computer —

Internet Explorer (Version 8 or higher), Google Chrome (latest version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version, latest ESR), Apple Safari (latest version)

— iPhone or iPad —

iOS (Mobile Safari latest version)

*In any case, the JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser

5. Output the Report

When the response period is over, you can output the report for your questionnaire.

An e-mail with the link for downloading the report will be sent only to you. It is recommended that you hand out copies of it to all the participants during the discussion using the report.

6. Hold Discussions With the Report

You can download useful materials for effective use of Ocapi from the Resources page

Refer to these materials and hold discussions with reports.