Building a High Performing Team Together

An assessment tool that visualizes your team’s quality of relationships, collective thinking, and actions

"Core Theory of Success"
Source: Daniel H. Kim (2002).
Organizing for Learning,
Singapore: Cobee Trading Company.

Ocapi identifies the condition of your team

Ocapi uses 41 properties to assess your team's condition. The properties are described in simple terms such as "Thanks," "Trust," "Positive Thinking," "Ownership." This supports your team members to share a concrete picture of what is actually happening in your team.

Find the next step through discussion using Ocapi

Ocapi reports provide a common language to discuss the condition of your team, making it easier for each member to share their views and feelings about the team. Inquiry into various interpretations on why some properties score high or low, can promote deeper understanding of the team’s situation. This can enable members to find ways to improve the team together.

Ocapi can be done in simple steps

Create an assessment and pre-pay by credit card at the price of 500 JPY per respondent. Participants can respond anytime and anywhere using their own device (PC, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Reports are generated simply with one-click and can be shared right away.

"Properties" to assess the condition of your team

Ocapi uses 41 properties to assess your team's condition. Discuss the feedback report with your team members to develop self-directed actions to improve your team.

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Procedures for the discussion (one to two hours)

  • STEP1: Discuss the desirable state of the group
  • STEP2: Read the report individually
  • STEP3: Discuss the report and explore what is happening.
  • STEP4: Determine actions to be taken

Slides and documents that support effective discussions can be found on the Resources page.Go to the Resources page

How Ocapi Works

Step 1. Prepare and Prepay

Create a new assessment and prepay by credit card (number of participants × 500 JPY).

Step 2. Complete the Questionnaire

Participants will answer assessment questions using a computer or smartphone.

Step 3. Output a Report

Once all participants complete the questionnaire, output a report simply with one-click.

Story of a manager using Ocapi

Building a High Performing Team Together