Fee for Ocapi

  • Create Questionnaire
    500 JPY/person
    Though there are no refunds for respondents who didn't complete questionnaires, free tickets corresponding to the unanswered number of respondents will be provided. They can be used when you create new questionnaire(s).
  • Optional Report
    30,000 JPY/group
    For larger organizations or departments, optional service to output reports for different attributes (section, group, age) is also available.
  • Output Report
    Ocapi summarizes all respondents' data to create a report. Individual reports will not be available.
  • Facilitation Support
    Contact Us
    Please contact us if you wish for our support in facilitating discussions for future improvements.
  • Payment Method
    Credit Card (PayPal)
    Please contact us for the payment method in case of facilitation support.

Estimate for Ocapi

  • Number of Respondents
  • Optional Report Function
  • Total