Ocapi Resources

You can download materials for effective use of Ocapi.

Material for participants to read before the discussion

This material is for distribution to the participants before the discussion.

By having participants read the material beforehand, you can spend more time on the discussion.

Guide for discussion with the reports

This Guide includes procedures and keys for discussions with the reports.

With the hints in this Guide, please design your own process that would fit well with the members and the situation of your group.

PowerPoint slides for discussions

These are slide materials for the discussions. You can modify them so that they would fit the process of your discussions.

Material for gaining support

This summary contains the information such as the purpose of Ocapi, features, report contents, and suggested schedule. Before trying Ocapi, you can use this material to explain the overview of Ocapi to others.

Report sample

You can see what kind of contents are included in the report.


The features of Ocapi are summarized in a simple leaflet.